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Pastors' Message


Hello Friends in Christ, 

   In late June the session of Elmwood and First Church met together to explore a common vision.  We made some progress, we started a conversation, we did not find clarity of vision.  First Church and Elmwood are yoked together much as two horses are yoked together to pull the load.  Can you imagine how the load would be drawn if the two yoked horses do not have the same vision or same direction.

    God is leading us,  God is guiding is us,  God is providing the energy and power to move us into the future.  We do not know what is around the bend, and trust that God will be with us.  One of our tasks as a people of faith is to have a vision, yoked churches need a common vision.  The Biblical mandate is clear without a vision we will perish.   

            Grace and peace,  Rev John Lersch