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The Presbyterian Churches of Louisiana Mo

History of Louisiana Presbyterian Churches

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First Presbyterian Church
   The Louisiana Presbyterian Church was organized on October 12, 1851 by the Old School Presbyterians of the Presbytery of Palmyra, of the Presbyterian Church USA. This congregation eventually located in a red brick building built in 1854 at 716 South Carolina Street. This building has been restored and remodeled and serves as the manse, the residence of the pastor.
   In 1854, the Presbytery of Salt River of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church sent Rev. Erasmus Darwin Pearson to Louisiana, and in February 1855, a congregation was organized. They built a wooden structure on the west side of South 8th Street between Georgia and South Carolina Streets.
   After a number of years, the wooden structure was inadequate and the older part of the building now known as First Presbyterian was built in 1890 and dedicated in 1891. The original stained glass windows are still in place and contain many "jewels". The 100th anniversary was celebrated June 3, 1990.
   The Louisiana and Cumberland churches united as First Presbyterian Church in 1906 using the 8th Street facility. The pipe organ was moved from the Louisiana church to 8th street. The organ case now contains a 7-rank Wicks pipe organ installed in the 1960's. Chimes were added in the 1940's and are still in use.
   An addition for offices, classrooms, fellowship hall and kitchen was built in 1962. In 1997, a capital fund campaign raised over $100,000 for many improvements to the church property including redecorating, rewiring, new roof, and additional heating and cooling units.
   First Presbyterian became part of the first Union Presbytery in the United States in 1970 when the Presbytery of Missouri Union was formed, related to both the Presbyterian Church USA and the United Presbyterian Churh USA. After the national reunion of these two bodies in 1983, the church belongs to the Presbyterian Church USA.
Elmwood Presbyterian Church
   Be it  known on this date, December 4,1910, in a room of what was known as the Fritz House, there assembled Mr. Edward Crow, May Ince, Grace Ince, T.F Ince, Mrs. J.R. Rowley, Ed Von Vain and Mr. & Mrs. William K. Roberts, who after prayer by the Reverend S. T. Larkin, organized a church of Christ to be known as the Elmwood Presbyterian Church of Louisiana, Mo.
   All of the above came by letter of  transfer from Buffalo Presbyterian Church. On the same day the church received by their confession of faith in Christ, and having been baptized the following were received into membership: Edward  Meriweather, Ida ince, Nellie Crow, Emory Ince, Joe Madison, Rebecca Roberts, Bly Roberts, and J. R. Rowley. The Reverend  Larkin was issued a call Feburary 25, 1911 to fill the pulpit for one year.
   The congregation met in the Fritz House until the Nally Chapel was purchased and moved  from the Grassy Creek area to the present site in Louisiana at 30th and South Carolina Streets (106 S. 30th St.). The building was dismantled piece by piece, even the square nails were saved and reused.

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